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Premium sound to maximize any design.

DesignMax loudspeakers bring outstanding audio and aesthetics to any commercial space. With 12 models to choose from, it’s easy to create tailored sound solutions and deliver instantly impressive sound.

QuickHold mounting mechanisms make installation efficient, reducing strain and hassle — and saving substantial time.

DesignMax loudspeakers provide full and consistent coverage. And with both black and white versions available, DesignMax loudspeakers integrate seamlessly with any room design.

– Performing arts venues
– Places of worship
– Conference centers
– Retail stores
– Restaurants and bars
– Hospitality venues

Combine models to complete any design, big or small

— 12 loudspeakers to mix and match, from 2-inch, low-profile models to 8-inch, high-SPL compression-driver loudspeakers and outdoor-rated options. 

Reduce installation time

with the patented QuickHold mounting system, which also reduces strain, hassle, and the chance of product damage.

Install easily

all models include Euroblock connectors; ceiling-mounted models include plenum-rated backcans, tile-bridges, and front-access audio wiring that makes installation and troubleshooting easier.

Blend into any room design

with elegant form factors, minimum-bezel grilles available in black or white, and removable logos.

Deliver instantly impressive sound

with custom Bose drivers — no DSP or EQ required. For even better sound, use select Bose DSPs and amplifiers to enable Bose loudspeaker EQ and SmartBass processing, which expands performance and response at any listening level.

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